Madeleine Bolle (1984) is a freelance photographer based in Amsterdam. She is in her graduation year at the FOTOfactory. She also holds a MA in Cultural Studies. Since 2015 she has been conducting documentary photography projects. Madeleine participated in the 2017 Nikon NOOR Academy in Amsterdam. 

Through her personal projects, Madeleine studies people that are far and close to her at the same time. Her projects unite through intimacy which also defines her approach. With both projects “Now that I am mom” (2015) and “Papa” (2015) Madeleine studies her personal past and family relations. Sticking to these personal and intimate stories, Madeleine is currently conducting a project about teenagers, exploring the subtle transition from the innocent child into an adult with growing self-consciousness and increasing responsibilities. With her project about autism she wants to create more awareness about autism and reveal the positive side of the disorder. 

Besides her documentary projects Madeleine also works on assignment, focusing on portraits, family documentary, weddings & events, lifestyle & travel photography. Like to know more? Have an interesting idea? Would like to say hi? Please drop me a message.

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